The Juice Punk Gives Back

The Juice Punk Gives Back


CEO David Richmond-Peck warns of joining Big Tobacco in advocacy, and opens the company's new ISO7, ISO 9001:2015, GMP/HACCP facilities to help the Canadian Vaping Industry. CEO also announces monetary support of VAEP to help The Vaping Advocacy and Education Project re-educate Canadian consumers.


I believe it was less than a week ago that I posted a video on our website titled Canadian Vaping: Death of an Entrepreneur.

The purpose of the video was to inspire people in the industry to help support Vape Shops across Canada. Additionally, it was to warn the Canadian industry of the dangers of partnering with Big Tobacco to advocate on our behalf. I had strong opinions of the risks associated with the probable negative perception of such an endeavour, and thought, at the time, a single video and message would be appropriate.

What I did not expect was the explosion of emails in my inbox from Vape Stores across the United States, describing the dismantling of their market and the lives destroyed in the process. The stores thanked our company for our honest material and sent an additional warning to Canada on the dangers of working with Big Tobacco.

Then, our team began receiving emails from Canada.  

In a matter of days, we learned of several Canadian stores that are soon planning on closing their doors. I will respect the privacy of those that contacted us. However, if you follow the Facebook feeds, there were at least two companies that publicly announced their closing. We heard from owners that were devastated that they may have to let their friends and staff go. We heard from people who had their businesses tied to second mortgages, people wondering how they would support their children.

I can tell you, the number of emails I received was staggering. And as I tried this weekend to enjoy thanksgiving, the fact that I also have children of my own, 7 and 3 years old, was enough to bring people to tears.

In the video I posted last week, I told suppliers to contribute. That it didn't need to be money, but for suppliers to find out what people needed and help. I then had a brilliant woman, my wife, ask me this weekend how I would do the same. So here it is.

1) Behind me is our companies brand new 4000 square foot cleanroom. And although we will be using this cleanroom for our products and several international contracts, we are now opening our doors to you. So if you are struggling, if you have a line, or brand, or store, our facility is now yours. We are discarding our current pricing structure. I can personally guarantee that we can assist you by offering the most competitive prices in North America.2) Our company has created a new line of flavours called the Front. It stands for 'The Front Line.' It is our representation of the battle we all face. I won't discuss pricing on video, but our company will contribute to your locations in two ways.


  • The Front is a line that we had developed for International release. We will be offering to Canadian stores at pricing well below market value. We hope to provide you with additional high margin products to maximize profits in this time of reduced revenue.


  • In addition to reduced Canadian pricing, our company will also be donating 10% of all proceeds generated by The Front to THE VAPING ADVOCACY AND EDUCATION PROJECT. You can find their website at VAEP


We believe Kelli-Anne has been doing some outstanding work for our industry. We have chosen to support her team, and hopefully help THE VAPING ADVOCACY AND EDUCATION PROJECT re-educate, what we believe, to be a severely misinformed public.

So – if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to assist, please reach out and give us a call or shoot us an email. We are with you to help protect this industry and provide Canadians with a healthier alternative to combustible tobacco products.

Thank You,

David Richmond-Peck

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