The Juice Punk Spotlight: Sarah Santini

Sarah Lyn Santini, aka @vaping_panda26, is a warehouse associate from Hope Mills, North Carolina and one of our awesome ambassadors. You may recognize her from her Instagram account, which clearly displays her love of vaping. What you may not know about Sarah is that she loves to read fantasy novels, watch horror movies and loves to hang out with friends outside on sunny days.

Sarah has been vaping for about six months and vaping has helped her quit smoking cigarettes.

Let's get to know Sarah a little better:

TJP: How did The Juice Punk enter into your life? 

SLS: I went to a convention in Orlando Florida and The Juice Punk was there. I instantly fell in love with the fancy kitty and puppy. Then I tried the juice and had to have some. Everyone working was so nice and [they] sponsored me.

TJP: What’s your favourite flavour?

SLS: It's a tie between Original Sin and Hope. 

TJP: If you could vape with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

SLS: I'd want to vape with Johnny Depp because he just seems really laid back and fun to hang out with.

TJP: What vapers do you look up to?

SLS: I look up to

TJP: Where do you see the vape industry in the next 5 years?

SLS: I see the vape industry becoming a lot bigger and eventually almost everyone will be vaping.

TJP: Where is your favourite place to vape?

SLS: My favorite place to vape is t.g.I. vape because I can hang out with friends and just relax. 

TJP: Where is your dream place to vape?

SLS: I want to vape everywhere. I want to travel the world and try all the different and unique flavors. 

TJP: If there was a music montage to your best vape moments, what song would it be?

SJS: Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. 


Want to follow Sarah on her vaping journey? Connect with her on Instagram

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