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The Juice Punk’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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So, that sexy Hallmark holiday “Valentine’s Day” is just around the corner. You may or may not have something planned, but we do have some ideas for how to celebrate. Sometimes the best gifts to give are the ones that come from the heart so let us help you out with a date idea. Here is a sample of how you, a TJP Squad member, can woo your crush/loved one on Valentine's Day.


First, let’s talk about your outfit. You want to look good and feel good, so what are you going to wear? The only thing that really matters is where are you going to store your mod and juice? So, make sure whatever you are wearing has pockets and that they are big enough to hold all of your stuff. If you don't have pockets, make sure to use a bag/purse.



The next big question is "Where will you go on your date?" We suggest you pick somewhere walking distance and perhaps choose to go for dinner. Don’t forget to make a reservation so you have a table. Walking there will allow for some quality time and conversation. So, if you can, why not walk to dinner?

On the way

Because you picked someplace awesome and walkable, you will have time to hold hands with your date. You will also have time for an appetizer vape. We recommend Liberty’s Bell because it’s cool, delicious and refreshing. It’s the perfect “before dinner” flavour offering a combo of cool peach and watermelon. Fruit before dinner? We think so!


At Dinner

Ah, ordering food can be tricky. You want to eat something yummy that isn’t too messy because you don’t want to look like a slob or a caveman (or, do you?). Perhaps order food that requires the use of a fork and knife. Or not? You know what…order whatever you want because if you make a mess, who cares? Just remember to be yourself and to have fun. 

Chicken wings

After Dinner

How about skipping dessert at the restaurant? We know that you can think of some creative alternatives? Perhaps you guys go for some ice cream? Or maybe back to your place for a nightcap? Imagine having a creamy coconut and banana treat for dessert? Well, we can make that possible via our Joe’s Pride juice. YUM!


However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, single or with a partner or with friends, we know that you will make it a good one. We want to see how you celebrate and what juice you decide to include in your celebrations. Make sure to tag all of your social media posts with #thejuicepunk & #timewellvaped so you can show the world how awesome your love day adventures were.


Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at The Juice Punk.

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